Arak’s Love Book Highlights – Michelle Howard

The talented Michelle Howard is known for her amazing science fiction and fantasy books which is why haven chosen to highlight Arak’s Love today! This is the second book in the World Beyond Series and is a must read especially if you have already had the chance to read book… Read more“Arak’s Love Book Highlights – Michelle Howard”

Torkel’s Chosen Book Highlights – Michelle Howard

From amazing covers to the exciting plot lines that lie within the books written by Michelle Howard is an adventure that you should definitely embark upon. Today we are featuring Torkel’s Chosen so if you are looking for something to start off your New Year with a ban then grab… Read more“Torkel’s Chosen Book Highlights – Michelle Howard”

A Dragon Shifters Book Bash Author Interview – Michelle Howard

Here is the interview that I did with Michelle Howard for her book release Rylin’s Fire Book as part of the trio book release party that I am hosting – A Dragon Shifters Book Bash. Thank you Michelle for doing the interview with me and allowing me to host the… Read more“A Dragon Shifters Book Bash Author Interview – Michelle Howard”