Author Interview – Traci Wooden-Carlisle

Here is the interview that I did with Traci Wooden-Carlisle for her Promises To Remember Party!

What main genre do you currently write in and what inspired you to write in this area?
I write Christian fiction since each book and story I am given is first a personal gift to me from God and then to those who read them.

Tell me something totally fun and random about yourself that readers may be surprised by.
I love flannel pajamas. Especially the ones with the feet in them. I usually keep my house a few degrees cooler because I live in San Diego and it is mostly warm. I come home and go straight to them when I’ve had a hard day. Thank goodness my husband likes the cold.

Who is one person that not only inspires you but impacts the author that you are today?
My Father both inspires me with his free spirit and optimism. We can talk for hours and he will sit and listen to certain scenes I want his opinion on. He encouraged me to when I began writing poetry at 8. The author I look up to is Dee Henderson. I love her writing style and how she brings the good news of God’s gift of salvation into each book.

For 2015 have you set any goals for yourself when it comes to your author career?
In 2015 I want to publish book 3 in my series, attend at least two writing conferences and enter My Oil of Joy into two contests. Now that I am doing my own promoting and I have met so many wonderful authors that are willing to help, I am very encouraged about my writing career.

If you could choose a “how to tutorial for indie authors” what would it be and why?
Wow, this is answer took a moment to think of. How to say “No” to relatives that want to help with the book cover design or promotion of your book but have no talent.

Family and friends that mean well, but don’t have the knowledge to give you a professional edge will only cost you money. This has not happened to me, but oh have I seen it.