Author Interview – Sally Bradley

Here is the interview that I did with Sally Bradley for the Promises to Remember Party.

What main genre do you currently write in and what inspired you to write in this area?
Women’s fiction/Christian romance.  Oh, I missed the second half of the first question….I feel like a scribe when I write. God gives me the stories. People often ask me how I come up with the stories and I tell them I don’t. I’m as surprised as they are about who is in my books and plays, what happens and how they end.

Tell me something totally fun and random about yourself that readers may be surprised by.
I’m a former Chicago Cubs fan turned diehard White Sox fan.

Who is one person that not only inspires you but impacts the author that you are today?
My husband; a lot of what I want to write about comes out of what I’ve witnessed as a pastor’s wife. There’s a lot of pain and hurt in the world, and only God has the answers. I want people to get that.

For 2015 have you set any goals for yourself when it comes to your author career?
I have another book I expect to publish later in the year.

If you could choose a “how to tutorial for indie authors” what would it be and why?
Don’t have one; haven’t read any.