Author Interview – Debbie White

Here is the interview that I did with Debbie White for the Promises to Remember Party.

What main genre do you currently write in and what inspired you to write in this area?
I’d say as a broad category, romance. However, I truly believe after reading the descriptions of each genre, I think The Salty Dog could be women’s fiction and Passport to Happiness maybe New Adult fiction.

Tell me something totally fun and random about yourself that readers may be surprised by.
I ride on the back of the hubster’s motorcycle. Yes, I’m a motorcycle mama/nana!

Who is one person that not only inspires you but impacts the author that you are today?
That’s a tough question for me. As far as other authors go, I’d probably say Nicholas Sparks and even the earlier Ms. Danielle Steel regarding the romance side of the house. I love also reading nonfiction books that have history in them or some unique event. One of my favorites that really had an impact on me was The House at Sugar Beach by Helene Cooper. It’s a true story based on her life as a youngster during the uprising in war-torn Liberia. My husband is great supporter of my work as well, and he keeps it honest even if it hurts!

For 2015 have you set any goals for yourself when it comes to your author career?
I hope 2015 is my year. I’ve struggled since 2013. I have some fun events coming up on facebook as well as book signings and conferences. Fingers and toes crossed and a prayer to the big guy to make it happen!

If you could choose a “how to tutorial for indie authors” what would it be and why?
I’m not sure I have enough experience yet to publish a how to on indie authors. I would say that make sure you have a worthy product before rushing it to print. Have several read it, pay for a professional editor and even a professional cover. Those things I do know for sure.