Author Interview – Cherry Fyfe Christensen

Here is the interview that I did with Cherry Fyfe Christensen for the Promises to Remember Party.

What main genre do you currently write in and what inspired you to write in this area?
I grew up reading the inspirational romances in the Serenade/Serenata series published by Zondervan Publishing House in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The stories were clean and entertaining. When I sat down to begin writing my own story, I knew I wanted to follow in those authors’ footsteps and write sweet romance. I also liked to read mysteries, especially Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. So don’t be surprised if I release a mystery someday.

Tell me something totally fun and random about yourself that readers may be surprised by.
I love football, but my husband hates it!

Who is one person that not only inspires you but impacts the author that you are today?
My husband. I never could have done this without him.

For 2015 have you set any goals for yourself when it comes to your author career?
My goal is to finish writing a second novel.

If you could choose a “how to tutorial for indie authors” what would it be and why?
Network at a local writers’ group, keep writing, and never give up!