Author Interview – Cecelia Dowdy

Here is the interview that I did with Cecelia Dowdy for the Promises to Remember Event.

What main genre do you currently write in and what inspired you to write in this area?
I write Christian contemporary romance. I chose this genre because I love to read it! I also felt that this was what the Lord wanted me to write.

Tell me something totally fun and random about yourself that readers may be surprised by.
I can recite all fifty states in alphabetical order by memory. I had to memorize this for a song in music class when I was in the fourth grade. The song is still stuck in my mind!

Who is one person that not only inspires you but impacts the author that you are today?
My husband is very supportive of my writing. And when I’m down, he inspires to me to keep going with my writing, to keep at it.

For 2015 have you set any goals for yourself when it comes to your author career?
Yes, I’d like to release books #2 and #3 of the bakery romance series in 2015!

If you could choose a “how to tutorial for indie authors” what would it be and why? Raspberry Kisses is my first indie book, so, it’s hard for me to answer this question. Randy Ingermanson, a traditionally pubbed author who’s mostly indie now, gave a great workshop about indie publishing at ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) conference last fall. I gleaned most of my information from his workshop.