Author Interview – Michelle Fox

Here is the interview that I did with author Michelle Fox who is part of the “FangTastic’s Book Mixer Event! Her slots are Jan. 29th – 31st 12-1pm EASTERN! Thank you Michelle for taking the time to do the interview with me and for being an apart of the event!

How long have you considered yourself an author?
I’ve been writing since I was ten, so at least that long and I’m now *mumbleancientmumble* which puts a few years of experience under my belt. In terms of making any money at it, that’s only been the case for the last few years.

How many books do you currently have out and please list titles per each genre?
I can never remember how many books I have out. I lose track!  My most popular titles right now are:

First Moon  (BBW werewolf romance)
The Alphas’ Mate (werewolf romance)
Blood Struck (vampire romance)
Kiss the Dragon  (dragon shifter romance)
Operation: Burlesque (action/adventure BBW romance)

While I do have some continuing characters, the books above are all stand alone titles and there are no cliffhangers. And don’t forget my freebies, all rated 4 stars or higher, Bring Her Wolf, Burning for Him and Turned.

My books are available on Amazon, iBooks, BN and Googleplay.

Of all of the books that you have written which was the hardest to write for you and why?
They are all hard. Writing is never easy. Stories rarely show up ready to work in my head. I have to yank them out with by force.

What do you find to be the most rewarding thing about being an author?
Meeting my readers, developing projects with authors and sometimes I even like the writing part.

If you could give your youngerself a piece of advice when it comes to your author career what would it be and why?
Don’t listen to anyone else’s ideas about writing and just write what you want to write. Keep writing and trust your gut.

Some of the biggest mistakes I’ve made have been allowing other people’s perceptions of my work to hold me back. Be particularly careful about editors and agents. They have jaded palates and are hard to impress. They may be experts, but they rarely reflect the broader reading audiences of the world.

When I first started out, I submitted my work for critique at various conferences and those editors and agents did a great job of eroding my faith in my work while also failing provide any useful feedback at all. I lost a lot of time to that malarkey and I don’t recommend it.

Write, publish, see what happens.

What do you think is the one hardship that most authors face and what ways do you suggest they do to deal with it as best as possible?
I think the biggest hardship for most authors is when your head goes blank and the writing isn’t going the way you’d hoped. I find the best way to deal with this is to not force it. I go work on something else or get out of the house and do something different. Sometimes I just need to go for a walk, other times I really need to absorb other art–whether a movie, a play, dance or music, I just need something to fill the well.

If you could have dinner with any author past or present and could only ask them one question who would it be and what would you ask them?
Right now, the author I would like to meet would be Marion Zimmer Bradley. I read her work as a pre-teen and loved how strong and capable her female characters were. I guess I would ask her to tell me about how she developed her female characters and any other pearls of wisdom she would like to share.

If you could have your dream home built anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
The Traverse City area of Michigan. It’s a gorgeous place, full of nature, and there’s something really special about it.  My family and I have been vacationing up there for years.

If you were to guess how you readers would describe you in three words what would they be?
Funny,  interesting, and not what they were expecting.

Are you currently working on any other projects that you would like to share with me?
I am working on the second book in my dragon shifter series. The books are all stand alones but have continuing characters in that each installment features one of dragon brothers finding their maiden. The women in these books are kickass. The heroine in the first book was a seeress used to a life on the run, and in the second book, the maiden is a rather sassy mermaid.

I’m also finishing up a new shifter novel that I think will really blow readers socks off—the plot is really cool–and I have multiple projects in various stages of completion.