FangTastic’s Author Book Mixer Event

I am hosting the FangTastic’s Author Book Mixer Event which is a mutli genre event that runs from Jan. 27th – Jan. 31st and has several authors in the event. This particular book mixer is to promote the author as a whole versus just a specific genre or book and will allow my readers and followers to see everything that each author has to offer. I was able to do interviews with the majority of them so I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did!

Stephanie Summers
Denice Garrou
Michelle Howard

Traci Wooden-Carlisle
Mika Jolie
Rebecca Patrick-Howard

Marianne Morea
Susan Griscom
Michelle Fox
Skylar Wood
Erica Stevens/Brenda K. Davies
Cherime MacFarlane
Cynthia St. Aubin
PM Briede
CM Doporto