Events Schedule

Currently I do two types of events for authors, bloggers etc. The first is large events that are created and hosted by either based on a specific genre, theme or multi author event. These events are typically open to all authors for signups unless otherwise stated.

The second kind of events is when we are hired to host a book release party, cover reveal or other celebratory event by a single or group of authors. This event usually is made up of author choices by the paying author which is not open for registration.

To keep things organized and simple for everyone we have create to event schedule pages one of which is open for authors to signup for and the second is the parties that we have been booked to do for others. Either way make sure to join in for tons of fun, giveaways and for your chance to meet tons of new authors.

Public Author Events & Registration

Booked Book Release, Cover Reveal & Other Parties