Untamable Lover Book Highlights – Rosalie Redd

Untamable Lover by Rosalie Redd A World at War… Shape-shifting Lemurian warriors battle against a deceptive, ruthless enemy in the dark of night. The prize—Earth’s most precious resource—water, and the fate of humankind. A reckless commander… Panthera leader Demir is stricken by the enemy’s dart and trapped in his fevered,… Read more“Untamable Lover Book Highlights – Rosalie Redd”

Book Addiction 101 Author Interview – Rosalie Redd

Here is my author interview with Rosalie Redd for the Book Addiction 101 Feed Your Addiction Here Event which is scheduled for August 5th! We will be promoting her book Untamable Lover so make sure to grab your copy today! When did you release your first book and how long… Read more“Book Addiction 101 Author Interview – Rosalie Redd”