Author of the Week – Cherime MacFarlane

So as a new part of my website I have decided to choose author of the week as a new feature and our first author chosen is Cherime MacFarlane. She is an amazing, unique and strong willed person and author. Her travels and experience has found its way into many… Read more“Author of the Week – Cherime MacFarlane”

The MacGrough Clan Book Highlights – Cherime MacFarlane

So today one of our featured series is The MacGrough Clan by the tough as nails, talented author Cherime MacFarlane. The series currently has several books available and will continue to grow as she sees fit. Below is the books with descriptions so make sure to grab your copies today!… Read more“The MacGrough Clan Book Highlights – Cherime MacFarlane”

Wired For Sound Book Highlights – Cherime MacFarlane

Wired For Sound, by Cherime MacFarlane, is book two in The MacGrough Clan Book Series. If you are looking to read something that was written by thinking outside the box with a little Scottish flare then this is the book for you. 1988 and the band Bushmaster is on its… Read more“Wired For Sound Book Highlights – Cherime MacFarlane”