The Holiday Book Bazaar – Erica Stevens

Typically I always do traditional author interviews but since this specific one is for The Holiday Book Bazaar its more Christmas related than anything so hope you enjoy reading the interview as much as I did. Thank you Erica for doing the interview with me and for being a part… Read more“The Holiday Book Bazaar – Erica Stevens”

Tribute to Erica Stevens & The Captive Series

As readers everyone has a personal preference on the genres and authors that they read and in a great while we find an author or a book that makes us wonder where have they been my whole life? Seems as though I have met a few authors like that over… Read more“Tribute to Erica Stevens & The Captive Series”


For anyone who has ready anything by the talented Erica Stevens knows that she is one hell of a writer and The Captive Series is where my fan girling started! This amazing series follows young Aria who knows nothing more than fighting, death and the evil doers known as the… Read more“THE ENTIRE CAPTIVE SERIES by Erica Stevens FOR ONLY $0.99”