Saint Sebastian The Rose Book Review – Michael Glover

Saint Sebastian The Rose is an amazing book that touches on various aspects of vampirism that you may not see in other books that are being released. The author Michael Glover does a wonderful job of creating complete characters that you are able to fully understand and watch as they… Read more“Saint Sebastian The Rose Book Review – Michael Glover”

Sweetest Treat: Gretel’s Story Book Review – A.R. Von

The Sweetest Treat: Gretel’s Story by A.R. Von isn’t your ordinary fairytale and will leave you with a seductive taste on your tongue. Cursed by a witch – Meesh and her brother Mitch will forever crave sweets but what happens when the cravings are for something else? Visiting the new… Read more“Sweetest Treat: Gretel’s Story Book Review – A.R. Von”

Chasing Payne Book Review – Chantel Seabrook

This is the first book that I have read by Chantel and found Chasing Payne quite pleasing. I have always been a huge paranormal fan and after reading about shifters in the Anita Blake series it made me curious about shape shifter books and this is the first one since… Read more“Chasing Payne Book Review – Chantel Seabrook”

Stanley Swanson Book Review – S.K Ballinger

Being the paranormal addict that I am I devoured Stanley Swanson in just under 24 hours. Playing devil’s advocate the book could use another read through and some basic edits done to fine tune it but overall I enjoyed the story line. It was definitely different than what I have… Read more“Stanley Swanson Book Review – S.K Ballinger”

Vengeance Book Review – Erica Stevens

For years the Captive Book Series has been one of my all time favorites and with each new one she writes it just keeps her at the top of my must read list. From the brave but scared humans that they originally started out as and later turned into these… Read more“Vengeance Book Review – Erica Stevens”

Enraptured (Vampire Awakenings Book 4) by Brenda K. Davies Book Review

Reading Enraptured, book 4 in the Vampire Awakenings Series was simply amazing. Following this series from the beginning it’s exciting to see where things progress from the original book in which Sera was human but chose the life that led to the various stories to follow with Liam. I truly… Read more“Enraptured (Vampire Awakenings Book 4) by Brenda K. Davies Book Review”

Frost Burn by Erica Stevens – Book Review

Erica Stevens, has done it yet once again with her amazing upcoming release of Frost Burn. This book which is part one in her new Fire & Ice Series is seriously amazing. I have always been a huge fan of Erica/Brenda’s books and I think this one has meshed her… Read more“Frost Burn by Erica Stevens – Book Review”