Book Addiction 101 Author Interview – Maer Wilson

Here is my author interview with Maer Wilson for the Book Addiction 101 Feed Your Addiction Here Event which is scheduled for August 5th! We will be highlighting her book The Other Side OF Philip K. Dick so pre-order your copy today! When did you release your first book and… Read more“Book Addiction 101 Author Interview – Maer Wilson”

Author of the Week – Kim Carmichael

This week’s featured author is Kim Carmichael. This dark haired beauty has a knack for really delivering what readers want to read. Her folk tales allow you to escape the harsh reality of life and explore the many worlds that she has created for us. With several books available on… Read more“Author of the Week – Kim Carmichael”

Author of the Week – Cherime MacFarlane

So as a new part of my website I have decided to choose author of the week as a new feature and our first author chosen is Cherime MacFarlane. She is an amazing, unique and strong willed person and author. Her travels and experience has found its way into many… Read more“Author of the Week – Cherime MacFarlane”