Author of the Week – Cherime MacFarlane

So as a new part of my website I have decided to choose author of the week as a new feature and our first author chosen is Cherime MacFarlane. She is an amazing, unique and strong willed person and author. Her travels and experience has found its way into many… Read more“Author of the Week – Cherime MacFarlane”

Aurora’s Song Book Highlights – Cherime MacFarlane

Algen is finally home after spending most of her teen years, and young adulthood in Washington State. She has never been clear on the reason she was sent to live with her father’s relatives. But she has a job she loves and can finally live in the place she loves…. Read more“Aurora’s Song Book Highlights – Cherime MacFarlane”

A New Year, A New Book Author Interview – Cherime MacFarlane

Here is my author interview with the talented Cherime MacFarlane for the A New Year – A New Book Event. I hope you enjoy reading the interview as much as I did and thank you Cherime for doing the interview with me. Her book being featured is Aurora’s Song so… Read more“A New Year, A New Book Author Interview – Cherime MacFarlane”