Author Interview – Brianna Johnson

Here is my author interview with new author Brianna Johnson. She has just released her first book Framed so make sure to grab your copy today!

What was your inspiration behind Framed?
My inspiration came one day when I was looking for a good book to read. I have always loved to read and wanted a juicy book. I couldn’t find one so I decided to pick up my pen and write one. I never thought at that time that I would finish my book but I did. I came up with the story line from my dreams. I put a few dreams together and there was Framed.

Is Framed a stand alone book or will it be part of a series?
The only thing I can say is you will have to read Framed to find out if a second book is coming or not.

What is something totally random or fun fact about yourself that you would like to share with us?
If you get the chance to meet me you will soon find out that I am just an oversized kid. I have three beautiful children and they keep me going every day. I love to joke and make people smile always. I am a very bubbly person with an outgoing personality.

What made you decided to write in the romance genre and is this your preferred genre if you had to choose just one to read?
I followed my dreams with Framed and it lead me to the romance. If I had to choose only one genre to read I would say it would be mystery. I love a good mystery!

Who is two of your favorite all time authors and why?
One of my all-time favorite authors is Meredith Wild. I love the detail she puts in her books because it takes me to a whole new world. The second author would be Sylvia Day because of how capturing her stories are. I love how I’m hanging on the edge of my seat in her books.

I know that J. Asmara helped to set up the event so can you tell us more about how you met her and what you two collaborate on together?
I actually met J. Asmara through another author. I was selling baby clothes one day and telling the girl about me writing a book. She sent me to her cousin author Cedric Lewis. He then sent me to J. Asmara. We hit it off from the first phone call and have been doing amazing things ever since. We collaborate on greatness! We have a strong relationship to where we bounce ideas off each other; which is awesome. As of now no “official” collaboration, but you never know just wait and see.

If you had to describe Framed to readers in a single sentence to grasp their attention what would it be?
Find out in my book just how it feels to be framed.

What do you find to be the biggest pro and con of being an author in today’s world?
One of the biggest pros of being an author is knowing that my books have touched someone. I know someone out there will love my book as much as I do. One of the biggest con’s I have is everything is so new to me. This is my first book being published and changing from being a reader to an author is a lot harder then I imagined. Writing comes easy for me but selling my book and touching my readers is the biggest con for me.

If you could co-write a book with anyone who would it be, what genre and why these particular choices?
I would love to co-write a book with J. Asmara. I think we could put out a really great mystery suspense novel. Great minds think alike and we both have a great outlook on mystery. I think if we put out heads together we could write a best seller.

Do you have any upcoming releases or plans that you would like us to know about?
I don’t have any upcoming releases to let you know of yet. However, I am almost done with my second novel. My overall plan is to keep my pen writing and putting more stories in many different genres.

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