Author Highlight – Stephanie Kelley

Here is my author interview with June’s featured author Stephanie Kelley who is not only an amazing author but friend and overall person in general. She has worked hard to get this book released so make sure to grab your copy of Steal the Sun which is FREE with KU.

Being a new author is never easy so what is one piece of advice that you would give to new authors just starting out?
Don’t get discouraged when the words don’t flow smoothly, just keep writing. Your story doesn’t have to be polished and perfected as soon as you write it, that’s what editing is for.

How many books do you currently have on the market or will have at the end of 2017?
I currently have one book released, Steal the Sun. In 2017 I will be releasing Touch the Moon, book 2 in my Alaskan Hunter series towards the end of summer. I am also releasing Sunflowers & Poppies, my standalone paranormal romance for the characters from my steamy short story Red in winter 2017.

What is your chosen genres for reading versus what you write in?
If something is interesting, I will read it. I don’t limit myself to a particular genre, but some of my favorites are historical fiction and books about ancient history.

What is one thing that you want readers to know about you as an author and a person in general?
That I’m quite a random person but I really love art, mythology and bad puns.

What is one of the biggest misconceptions that you think readers have about authors in general? That we can control what the characters do. Characters become our children and they definitely do what they want to do despite trying to guide them sometimes.

What do you think is one of the biggest challenges that indie authors face?
Getting our work out there to readers and building a fanbase, especially as a first time author.

If you could have a face to face conversation with any author living or dead who would you choose and what two questions would you ask them?
Oh, that’s hard but I’d have to go with the great bard himself, William Shakespeare. And I’d ask him why we have none of his works written in his own handwriting and which play is his favorite.

If you could turn your book into a movie who would you cast as the main characters and why?
That is a hard choice! For Koda I’d choose Mila Kunis because she always plays characters with a lot of depth and spunk. And for Rhen, I’d chose Adam Levine. He just has that smile that draws you in

If you could choose to bring one of your book crushes to life who would it be and what book? Haven, the blue haired werelion from the Anita Blake series.

Can you tell us something random about yourself that readers and others may be surprised by?
That I play Dungeons & Dragons with my friends on a regular basis.

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