Deidre Character Interview – Marilyn Vix

This character interview is with Deidre, Timeanaut #83702495387362-092813 and was interviewed before her present mission assignment was launched. This character is from the book Everything For Love by Marilyn Vix. The book is FREE with KU so make sure to grab your copy of Everything For Love today.

Why did you want to become a timeanaut?
I really wanted to see how art came into being before the digital age. There has been so much technique lost that I wanted to help research to find out how things were created before dimensional printing and virtual printing. The best way to find this out would to become a timeanaut. I specifically trained in art time research.

How do you expect to add to the research database?
I’ve chosen to research late 19th and early 20th century painting and sculpture. Some of the artists I’ll be researching are Jean-Francois Delorme, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, and Vorticists movement. Returning home I’ll restudy more of the Beatniks and Purists movement.

Of your assignments, which have you enjoyed the most so far?
I’ve had two other assignments. One sent me back to 1952 to study the Beatniks. The other was 2045. This is my deepest time mission yet that I’m about to start. I’m very excited to be going back to 1886. I’m looking forward to exploring France and the early Impressionists.

What do you want to be your most important thing to come away with from the mission?
I really enjoy becoming part of the art that I am studying. Being a subject and leaving some of myself with the artist makes me feel like I’ve experienced true history. It’s also the best way to observe technique, getting close to the artist as a subject. Can’t ask for a better way to observe. But of course, like the Counsel mandates, not too close.

After this assignment, what would you like to explore next?
I have two more missions that my body can withstand. So, I’d like to go to 1760 Austria to observe Mozart. Then, for my final assignment, I think I’d like to go all the way back to 1516 England and observe Shakespeare writing some of his plays and sonnets. It would be a crowning assignment to end my career, and would be worthwhile to study all the other movements one more time as I return back to my present time. I’m looking forward to so much more study in my career.

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