An Authors Valentine’s Day Rendezvous Author Interview – Tessa McFionn

spiritHere is my author interview with the talented Tessa McFionn for An Authors Valentine’s Day Rendezvous Event. Thank you Tessa for doing the interview with me and hope that you all enjoy reading the interview as much as I did. We will be highlighting her book Spirit Bound so make sure to grab your copy today!

Is there anything or anyone who has influenced your writing over the years and if so what/who was it?
My mother would have to be my first inspiration. She loved the stories I wrote when I was in school and always supported my writing endeavors, whether they were silly poems or articles for the local newspaper. She was such a tatlented artist herself and I always wanted to make her proud. As to authors, my two biggest inspirations are Terry Brooks and Sherrilyn Kenyon. I know, quite a different pair, but I fell in love with the characters in their works and hope that my own creations can stand in such lofty company.

Have you ever written any other type of literary publications besides books?
Well, I did write for my local newspaper when I was in high school and I also have my thesis for my Masters somewhere in the annuls of education. But I much prefer the freedom that novels, especially fictional stories, allow. I like being able to create new worlds or imagine what lurks in the shadows or under beds.

What are some of your other life passions or hobbies aside from writing?
Ooh, how much time do you have? Lol. I love to dance. I’ve been dancing since I was about three and it keeps me out of trouble. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. I love spending free time at Disneyland with friends and catching the latest comic book movie. But all the while, I have to keep my characters from interrupting.

If you could choose anyone to co-write a book with who would it be and why that person?
Wow. That’s really tough. There are so many amazing authors out there. Sherrilyn Kenyon would be my first choice. Getting a glimpse inside such a great writer’s head and to watch the process unfold would be amazing.

Do you write in more than one genre and if so do you find it difficult to switch back and forth between them?
I have one series in paranormal and am working on a sci-fi trilogy. Actually, I find that if I’m stuck in one world, I just flip to the other story. It does help to keep the words flowing in both genres.

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day?
Well, this is when things get a little weird. Valentine’s Day was never anything more than a day until I got married. Once in college, I even bought myself a rose to carry around so the guys would ask about it. I know, sounds a little sad. But I never stopped believing in the power of romance. And a single red rose.

Most people enjoy music so if you had to describe your writing style with a song title what would it be and why?
LMAO!!! My style with a song title. How about “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. Either that or anything by Disturbed. I wish I could say I’m organized, with a plan of attack, but it’s more hang on and let the ideas fly.

What made you decide to become a writer and if you had to choose a different occupation what would you choose and why?
Honestly, I was egged into submitting my first book by a very good friend who read my manuscript. So writing is my different occupation while I spend my day job as a teacher. But I have always been a writer, it’s just that now, I have an actual book to back me up.

What are some of your favorite travel destinations?
Aside from Disneyland? I do love traveling, even though I don’t get much of a chance to go very far. I loved Ireland. I spent my honeymoon there and then a couple years afterward, I chaperoned our high school trip to London and Ireland. The people are so warm and wonderful and the countryside is beyond compare. San Francisco is another destination for me. The tough thing is most of the traveling I’ve done has been for conferences or other work related things. Very rarely have I been someplace just to vacation and have fun.

If you could go back and make changes when you first started your writing career what would it be and why?
You know, I was just thinking about this the other day. I believe the one thing I would fix would be to take just a little more time. I feel like I was in such a rush to get published and perhaps my first manuscript could’ve used a little more fine tuning. But you don’t know if you can swim until you jump into the water. And jump I did.

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