Pinch of Paranormal & Dash of Romance Author Interview – Tessa McFionn

tessHere is my interview that I had the pleasure of doing with Tessa McFionn for the Pinch of Paranormal & A Dash of Romance Event. She is the author of various books including Spirit Bound which we will be highlighting during the event. Thank you Tessa for doing the interview with me.

What is one of the books that you will be highlighting during the event and why did you choose this specific book?
Spirit Bound is the book I’ll be highlighting since it is my most current release.

How many books do you currently have in either the romance or paranormal genres and which do you find more appealing and why?
I have only two books out right now, still a newbie at this. Actually, both of my books fall into both categories. I have always believed that something more is out there in this world. I believe in magic and love, so paranormal seemed like a logical choice.

Of all your books which one of your characters is your favorite and why?
Ohh. That’s a tough one. I love my alpha males with that strong need to protect and love their spiritmates, and not to have the fairer sex seem the weaker sex, I love my strong girls. But I think right now, my favorite would be Eamon. He’s a bit of a mystery and quite the player. Even though he’s just sitting in the background right now and not talking to me, I still love him.

Totally hypothetical (whether you are already married or not) if you were to have the wedding of your dreams and could use any setting of any book that you have ever read what would it be and why?
Lol! Well, I kinda had a wedding of my dreams. Outside in the beautiful San Diego sunshine with the bay as a backdrop and complete with a horse-drawn carriage, I lucked out. And since my first book is set in my home town, I guess that would be a double bonus.

What is one thing that you think your books offer to the literary world that others may not?
Well, my alphas aren’t vamps or shifters. I think that alone makes for a different take on the paranormal world. As I said, I think of magic and heroes for my main boys. I tried to come at the genre from a new angle.

Do you have any type of inspirational motto’s or causes that helps to keep you on track and pushing towards finishing a deadline even when it may seem impossible?
Inspirational mottos, huh? Well, I think the best thing a fellow author told me is that writing is a marathon, not a sprint. I sometimes need to remind myself that nothing worthwhile is easy and anything is possible.

Did you always dream of being an author and if so how long did it take you to achieve your dream? What was some of the issues that you think new authors are unaware of in the beginning?
I’ve always been a writer. I wrote silly stories and poems while in school, was on the high school newspaper staff and even had a couple stories published in my local newspaper. But it wasn’t until about seven years ago when I actually started seriously writing my first book. I sat on it for so long until finally taking the plunge and sending it out for the rejections. I think the advice I would give any new author is to be sure to do your research. Be sure look at all your publishing options but most importantly, if you believe in your words, never give up.

Can you walk us through what an average day in your shoes would be like?
Ugh. I wish I could spin a fabulous yarn about spending focused hours in a beautiful office while words pour onto the page. But that would be a bit of an exaggeration. I have a full-time day job as a teacher, so my writing is regulated to weekends, vacations and evenings. Nor do I have a luxurious office. My laptop sits on a small desk that slides under the couch, which serves as my current workspace. But once my headphones are on, I am in the zone.

Do you prefer to read digital, audio or physical books and why that choice?
I prefer physical books, although I’m sure my husband wishes I didn’t. To say that I have some books is an understatement. I do have a Kindle app on my computer, but I just like the feel of a book in my hand. As for audio books, I haven’t given them much time since the single voice reader is never the same as the voices in my head.

What is one goal that you have for yourself (writing wise) for the upcoming 2016 year?
My writing goal is to get my sci-fi trilogy finished and published. I’m about two-thirds finished with the second book. I decided to wait until all three books are done before sending it off to a publisher. And to keep working on my Guardian series. Book three is on my laptop as we speak with my alpha from number four waiting less than patiently for his story to come out.

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