Vengeance Book Review – Erica Stevens

For years the Captive Book Series has been one of my all time favorites and with each new one she writes it just keeps her at the top of my must read list. From the brave but scared humans that they originally started out as and later turned into these… Read more“Vengeance Book Review – Erica Stevens”

Torkel’s Chosen Book Highlights – Michelle Howard

From amazing covers to the exciting plot lines that lie within the books written by Michelle Howard is an adventure that you should definitely embark upon. Today we are featuring Torkel’s Chosen so if you are looking for something to start off your New Year with a ban then grab… Read more“Torkel’s Chosen Book Highlights – Michelle Howard”

Highland Light Book Highlights – Cherime MacFarlane

Highland Light is book one in The MacGrough Clan Series written by the talented Cherime MacFarlane. This amazing author has tons of books out and if unique romance with a side of Scottish hunk is what you are looking then look no further. Make sure to grab your copy of… Read more“Highland Light Book Highlights – Cherime MacFarlane”

The Warmest Winter Book Highlights – G.P.A. (Greatest Poet Alive)

The Warmest Winter Poetry Collection is written by G.P.A. (Greatest Poet Alive) and is the perfect fit for those that enjoy beautiful, collective poems. This complete poetry collection has a little of something for everyone so grab your copy today! By all accounts and purposes, Andre Linoche would be a… Read more“The Warmest Winter Book Highlights – G.P.A. (Greatest Poet Alive)”

Saving Cassie Book Highlights – L.A. Remenicky

Today one of our featured books is Saving Cassie written by L.A. Remenicky. She has various books out but this one is a must read so make sure to grab your copy of Saving Cassie today and start your New Year off right with an amazing new read! Recommended for… Read more“Saving Cassie Book Highlights – L.A. Remenicky”

Reclaimed by Desire Book Highlights – Desiree Cox

Desiree Cox is an author that I have worked with and read for almost two years now and highly recommend her book Reclaimed By Desire. So if you have yet to do so make sure to grab your copy of the book today. Heartbreak has stripped every last one of… Read more“Reclaimed by Desire Book Highlights – Desiree Cox”

Pinch of Paranormal & Dash of Romance Author Interview – Desiree Cox

Here is my interview that I had the pleasure of doing with Desiree Cox for the Pinch of Paranormal & A Dash of Romance Event. She is the author of various books including Reclaimed By Desire, which we will be highlighting during the event. Thank you Desiree for doing the… Read more“Pinch of Paranormal & Dash of Romance Author Interview – Desiree Cox”

A Diamond in the Rough Book Highlights – Elisa Marie Hopkins

Elisa Marie Hopkins is a fairly new author to me but she seems to be very talented and recommend that you check out her A Diamond in the Rough and other many of the other books that she has written. 25-year-old model Sophia Cavall has a seemingly nice life walking… Read more“A Diamond in the Rough Book Highlights – Elisa Marie Hopkins”

Spirit Fall Book Highlights – Tessa McFionn

Tessa McFionn is a relatively new author but has hit the ground running with her amazing talent. One of her books that I have personally read and enjoyed was Spirit Fall so make sure to grab your copy today! The Guardians Book One After a year-long depression following the murder… Read more“Spirit Fall Book Highlights – Tessa McFionn”