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51-mNkuvGKL._SX307_BO1,204,203,200_Here is the interview that I did with Michelle Howard for her book release Rylin’s Fire Book as part of the trio book release party that I am hosting – A Dragon Shifters Book Bash. Thank you Michelle for doing the interview with me and allowing me to host the event to promote your Bound by Heat Anthology!!

What was your inspiration for Rylin’s Fire and how did you come up with the title?
I was trying to think of something that tied into dragons so Fire immediately came to mind. Rylin’s the hero’s name so not too much thought on that part. LOL

Is Rylin’s Fire a standalone book or is it a part of a series?
It’s a stand alone

If you had to choose three words to describe Rylin’s Fire to new readers what would they be?
Hot, dragon shifter, sexy

How many books do you currently have out on the market and what genres do they fall into?
10? 11. I should probably check. LOL. I mainly write sci-fi romance with some paranormal elements like shifters.

How long did it take you to write Rylin’s Fire from start to finish and what are beta readers saying about this book?
I think 2 months. I had a break in the middle due to life circumstances then went back to it. I didn’t use betas on this one but my editor seemed to like it so here’s hoping readers connect with it.

Have you ever had a specific review that seems to stick with you regardless of how many reviews you receive on your work?
I had a reader from France email me about Torkel’s Chosen. She had a lot of questions and we had a great email conversation due to the events of that book. Other then that I only peek at reviews on release day. LOL. Otherwise, I’d get distracted from the current book I’m working on.

What do you think the biggest misconceptions that people have about authors in general are?
Hmm, I don’t know. Most of my run-ins are with family and friends. They know it can be hard, frustrating and exciting all at once.

Are you self-published or with a traditional publisher and what do you think the biggest pros and cons of each are?
I’m self-published. The biggest pro which is also a con is that I have to do everything myself.

If you could give one single piece of advice to give to new authors just starting out what would it be and why?
Research. Know what you’re getting into. Know what you want to do and how you want to do it. The best way to figure that out is to research and ask questions. I spent a year reading blogs, learning about self publishing etc before publishing my first story and I still don’t think I did it right. LOL

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