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cherimeOur What’s Happening Wednesday Featured Author is the talented Cherime MacFarlane. Her book Twisted Laird is the one that we will be highlighting today so if you have yet to read it or any of the MacGrough Clan Series you should definitely check them out. Thank you Cherime for doing the interview with me.

What was your inspiration for The Twisted Laird?
Watching my husband do what he had to after suffering a horrendous injury to both legs.

We know that The Twisted Laird is book 8 in the MacGrough Clan Series but what we want to know is how many books can we expect to see in total for this amazing series?
As it so happens I had the muse slap me upside the head two months ago. The novella, Bared Wires, will be released soon. It is all about how Lori and Hamish found each other.

How long did it take you to write The Twisted Laird from start to publish ready?
It took possession and refused to get go. Thinking back, I think about 4 months. During 3 weeks of that time nothing happened as Duracha bitched at me about her role.

What was the best thing about writing The Twisted Laird?
How well it came together.

How did you choose the title for The Twisted Laird?
Haven’t a clue. It turned up in my mind one morning when I woke up.

I know that you absolutely love Scotland so my question is for someone that is completely new to the country and planning a trip what is at the top of the must see or do list?
Spend a couple of days in Glasgow, all the museums are free, before touring the Highlands. For heaven’s sake go to the Isle of Sky. Don’t ignore Iona, it is a priceless gem. Oban is one grand town and the tour of the distillery is great.

You have been in the writing game for quite some time so what do you think some of the newer perks/struggles that authors just starting out will have?
One of the hardest things for any author is reading that first 1 star review where they cut your child to ribbons. You cannot please everyone. Ignore it.

When you aren’t writing what are some of your favorite hobbies?
Graphics and driving with the tunes on as high as I can stand it.

When faced with writers block how do you overcome it and does it happen often?
The only time I encountered writers block was when duking it out with Daracha. But if one book isn’t working go to another. I always have several going at one time.

covverWhat is one thing you think your book offers that makes it stand out from the others in the same genre?
I really don’t write romance, I write about life and relationships. Family and how your place in one changes or rearranges you as you grow.

What is one thing that readers might be surprised to learn about you?
I am a Christian. Not a churchin, a word my father-in-law coined for the unco guid (phonetic spelling) for those too good to be true who use church to hide behind. I believe we are to love one another. If you can’t love the poor soul, leave them alone.

So I know that you love living in Alaska but you also have a soft spot for Scotland so if you had endless amounts of money which place would you choose to live in or would you choose a new location?
A flat in Glasgow for the winter months in Alaska, the real bad ones, January, February and March, would be sublime. It is warmer there. But I would never give up summer in Alaska. It is magical.

What is the biggest misconception that people have about writers?
That they are removed from life somehow. We all have families of one kind of another that require us to surface and put away the story until later.

Do you have a writing buddy or someone that you work with on a regular basis to discuss your work and how to improve it?
I am part of a fantastic group of women, Crazy Lady Authors. There are times when we help each other out with that, but not always. They are a support group like no other.

What advice would you give to new authors that are just starting out?
Live life to the fullest. Evaluate opportunities that come your way, but don’t dismiss something that’s out of your comfort zone unless it is a major threat to life and limb.

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  1. I want to read all of the books in the MacGrough Clan series. Cherime is an excellent researcher and a gifted storyteller. Thanks for featuring The Twisted Laird on your blog. Will share everywhere!

  2. Teri Riggs says:

    Twisted Laird is one of my favorite Cherime books!

  3. LOVELY interview Cherime! (Although I prefer to call her affectionately, Renegade) <3

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