Book Character Interviews by Traci Wooden-Carlisle

My Beauty For Your Ashes – Elder Paige Morganson’s interview at the beginning of My Beauty For Your Ashes Interview #1 What does family mean to you? I love my sister, Mel. She has always supported me and embraced me with love unconditionally. She is my family and more than… Read more“Book Character Interviews by Traci Wooden-Carlisle”

Book Character Interviews – Sam Cheever

Astra’s Interview with the Angel City Bugler Astra Q Phelps recently did an interview for the Angel City Bugler, during which she gives readers some wonderful insights into how she got her start as a kick-butt demon slayer and all around tough halfling. Interview #1 R: Hello Astra, thank you… Read more“Book Character Interviews – Sam Cheever”