Sam Cheever Interview For Read-A-Holics Event

Check out the interview that I did with the talented author Sam Cheever for the Read-A-Holics Event! This author has some awesome books available so make sure to check them out. Thank you for doing the interview with us and we hope that everyone enjoys reading it.

How many books do you currently have out and what are their titles?
I have 50 – 60 titles right now. I’ve kind of lost count. LOL So obviously I won’t list them all, but I’ll give you the most recent ones:
An Apocalyptic Need, Book 3 Apocalyptic sci-fi romance/paranormal series
Mavim, Book 2 Alphas of the Blood, sci-fi romance/paranormal series
Honeybun One and Done, Book 8 Honeybun Heat romantic suspense series
Bubba Dub Dub, Book 2 Miss Chance meets Miss Fortune cozy mystery series

When writing and reading do you prefer standalone books or series and why to either?
Series! Without question. Series allow me to really immerse myself in the world and characters, getting to know them at a level that just isn’t possible in a single book.

Is there an author that has inspired or impacted the type of author that you are today?
I love inserting humor into my stories and Janet Evanovich gave me a sense of comedic timing. I’m kind of known for creating characters who are very relatable, I think I learned something about how to do that from J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts. I absolutely ate her Death series up! I love writing paranormal worlds and filling the worlds with a mix of action, adventure and humor. Kresley Cole was a fine teacher of this style of writing. I still enjoy her wonderful, funny and multi-layered characters.

If there was one thing that you could change within the author community what would it be and why?
Jealousy. Most authors are happy to help other authors, providing advice and sharing things they learn along the way, but there are still too many who think spreading poison about other authors somehow enlarges them. Jealousy doesn’t help anybody grow or succeed, it only harms everyone it touches.

Can you tell me something totally random about yourself that readers may be surprised by?
Though I’ve lived all over the country, I was born and raised in Indiana and I’m proud of my Midwestern roots and values. I believe in hard work, a strong family that supports each other first and foremost, helping those who need help, and earning everything I have. You’ll find these values deeply embedded in my stories.

Are you self-published or with a traditional publisher and what do you find to be the biggest pro and con to each?
I’m almost entirely self-published now. I’ve been slowly getting all my rights back from my publishers so I can control my own fate. The pros are almost immeasurable. I like having control over everything from story inspiration to the creation, marking and sales of every book. I can design my own covers, select my own pricing model, and recraft my marketing strategy as often as I need to. I like the flexibility of being my own publisher. I wouldn’t change that for the world. The con? I have control over everything. If something goes wrong, I have nobody else to blame! LOL

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing in the beginning of your writing career what would it be?
Start sooner! I treated my writing as a hobby for years, before I decided it was time to submit something. I really wish I’d started my journey sooner.

Have you ever done something major that you completely regret doing in your lifetime?
Of course! I was a terrible human being in my late teens and early twenties. I didn’t always treat people kindly and made a lot of mistakes. But a lot of that was just being young and stupid. I like to think I’ve grown into a nice person. I hope I’m not being delusional. LOL

Who is your biggest supporter?
Without a doubt it’s my husband. He believed in me as a writer when even I wasn’t sure I had what it took to succeed. He’s been an incredible support system as I worked to build my brand so that I could finally write full time.

What is the hardest thing about being an author and what would you tell new authors just starting out?
I think most writers would tell you that the hardest thing about writing is writing. *grin* Though I LOVE what I do and thank the good lord every day that I’m lucky enough to be able to do it…it’s sometimes hard to force myself to sit down at the keyboard and write. There are days when it’s literally a case of wrenching words, a hard fought sentence at a time, from my very soul. And of course there are the days when the stories seem to fly out of my head. It’s getting past the tough days that take real motivation as a writer.

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