ATTN: Readers – Become a Part of the AC Reviewer Team

readersLet’s face it being an author is tough. With so much competition out there, each and every single review that is given to them is needed and is appreciated. Being that we offer a wide variety of services and events to authors I have decided to expand our review capability by creating a Review Team that will receive free eBooks and prizes in exchange for honest reviews. To be a part of my team you must be able to follow instructions, stay on task and meet deadlines as they are given. I run a tight ship because being prompt it something that means is a company that Authors can depend on. With that being said if you are an avid reader, enjoying tasting new releases from some of your favorite authors or always on the lookout for new reads then this is the place for you. You will be given the choice to choose up to three genres that you can do reviews for. You will be expected to do at least one review per week for a full time spot on the team or two a month if you want to be a temp reviewer. The more books that you can read per month and do reviews the better. I am looking for independent readers that have the initiative that it takes to be a reviewer and ready to do so immediately. If you are interested in becoming a part of what I have built please email us by clicking HERE (with Reviewer Interest), please include your name, age, genres that you are interested in reading, on average how many books you can read per month, how much time you have to read, what formats that you are able to accept and the link to a couple of reviews that you have done in the past and location as well as any other information that you think may be relevant.This is a great opportunity for readers to receive lots of FREE stuff so don’t miss out.

2 thoughts on “ATTN: Readers – Become a Part of the AC Reviewer Team

  1. Dee Carter says:

    Recency, paranormal that are something other than vampires or werewolves. Come on guys. There are other monsters. Some space opera but they have to deal good.. see Tanya huff.

  2. Admin says:

    Not sure what your comment means? lol but thanks for the comment. ~*~ Ravannah Rayne ~*~

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